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Rhine V10 Broken Bridge Lifting Heavy Duty Door

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35db strong sound insulation 3 times better thermal insulation Strict waterproof performance Air tightness level 7 Wind pressure resistance level 8 Anti-theft and explosion-proof are safer

Sliding door · Configuration:

Glass configuration: 6+27A+6

Rails: low flat rails, high flat rails with sidewalls. Waterproof high-speed rail

Shutters: Magnetic shutters/electric shutters

Area: The minimum area of a single fan is 2 cubic meters

Door cover: Lufthansa 100 door cover line

Hardware: American Simec + stainless steel three-point lock (silver lock)

Screen: standard diamond mesh, optional black high-definition diamond mesh

Outdoor color: sand gray sand coffee

Color: Fluorocarbon Deep Sea Blue, Fluorocarbon Diamond Blue, Argon Carbon Antibacterial Spar Black, Skin North American Walnut Grain.

Product advantages and performance:

1. High configuration: 6 + 27A + 6 double-layer hollow tempered glass optional 5 + 12A + 5 + 12A Qiaosan glass and two cavities

2. Four kinds of rails are available (flat rail, high flat rail, high rail. Inlaid with stainless steel bars) to meet different needs

3. Broken bridge profile, good sound insulation, good heat insulation;

4. Three-point hook lock design, firm and more secure, optional 120 sets of cables;

5. It can be used as lifting door, three-track belt diamond mesh, high-end hardware accessories (big handle, etc.) and other options.

6. The embedded frame design structure has better wind pressure resistance, sealing performance and waterproof performance.

7. The frame and fan corner code are all made of one-piece thickened precision casting glue injection corner code and German pin glue injection process;

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