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Rhine V9 Broken Bridge Heavy Duty Door

  • Detail
35db strong sound insulation 3 times better thermal insulation Strict waterproof performance Air tightness level 7 Wind pressure resistance level 8 Anti-theft and explosion-proof are safer

Sliding door · Configuration:

Glass configuration: 5+20A+5

Rails: low flat rails, high flat rails with sidewalls. Waterproof high-speed rail

Shutters: Magnetic shutters/electric shutters

Area: The minimum area of a single fan is 2 cubic meters

Door cover: Lufthansa 100 door cover line

Hardware: American Simec + stainless steel three-point lock (silver lock)

Screen: standard diamond mesh, optional black high-definition diamond mesh

Outdoor color: sand gray sand coffee

Color: Fluorocarbon Deep Sea Blue, Fluorocarbon Diamond Blue, Argon Carbon Antibacterial Spar Black, Skin North American Walnut Grain.

Product advantages and performance:

1. High dosage: 5 + 20A double-layer hollow tempered glass;

2. Four kinds of rails are available (flat rail, high flat rail, high rail, inlaid with stainless steel bars) to meet different needs;

3. Embedded fan frame design, better sealing performance;

4. Broken bridge profiles. good sound insulation

5. Optional with key. Three-point hook lock design. firmer and safer;

6. Various options such as 100 sets of threads, three-track belt diamond gauze, etc.

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