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Lane 110 Broken Bridge Double Inward Opening Windows

  • Detail
35db strong sound insulation 3 times better thermal insulation Strict waterproof performance Air tightness level 7 Wind pressure resistance level 8 Anti-theft and explosion-proof are safer

Parameter configuration:

Main frame profile thickness: 2.0mm

Glass fan profile wall thickness: 2.0mm

The frame occupies a width of 110mm

Glass configuration: 5+27A+5

Aluminum edge: fluorocarbon black (bending)

Hardware: German wehag

Crimping line: square crimping line

Handle: German wehag (black/silver without pedestal handle)

Screen: standard full rigid screen (gray/black)

Opening method: open inside, open inside and pour inside (hardware German wehag)

Optional: with high-definition diamond mesh (black)

Outdoor color: sand gray, sand coffee

Interior Colors: Carbon Deep Sea Blue, Fluorocarbon Diamond Blue, Argon Carbon Antibacterial Spar Black, Skin Beiguan Walnut Grain.

Product advantages • Performance:

One-piece structure:

1 The frame and the central column are integrated with a curtain wall structure design, and the function of glue-free inside and outside is optional.

Tempered glass:

2. Standard high-speed iron-grade tempered Xinyi glass, with desiccant placed in the inner hollow aluminum edge strip to protect the hollow glass from fogging, standard black aluminum edge strip is integrally bent, better sealing and beautiful.

Hardware hinges:

3. The five hinges of the window sash can bear up to 120kg, the upper hinge is firm and anti-falling, the 8 safety protection is more secure, and the copper sheet is added to prevent friction, making the use more smooth.

virgin aluminum:

4. The aluminum-aluminum material is made of 6063 aviation primary aluminum material, and its strength and oxide film meet the national standards, with better corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high gloss, fire resistance, and thermal insulation and sound insulation.

Anti-pick lock point:

5. The window sash comes standard with 4 lock points of Italian STORO + 4 locks for anti-photography, pin injection process, stable sealing, waterproof and windproof performance.

Nylon insulation:

6. The broken bridge is made of the best quality PA66 nylon heat-killed in China, which is durable, not easy to age, and has strong bearing capacity.

Sash frame:

7. The frame of the window sash is flush, and the three-way sealing design has better air-tightness and water-tightness.

Brand handle:

8. Standard German wehag handle without base, surface oxygen carbon treatment, 30-year warranty without deformation.

Color lasts:

9. The surface color treatment of the profiles adopts imported skin technology. After 230 degrees high temperature baking paint, it will not fade or crack for 30 years.


10. The use of high-speed iron-grade foam rubber strips makes the window opening and closing more sealed and silent. 

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